Bragging Rights

A game of competitive bullshitting

Are you an unappreciated criminal mastermind?

Have you never committed a crime but you’re sure you’d be great at it if you got the chance?

Change it all by winning Bragging Rights and earn your street cred!

Bragging Rights is a game of competitive bullshitting where you play as the world's incompetent criminal underbelly, all trying to gain street cred for a crime none of you committed.

How do I play?

  • 3-7 players
  • 14+
  • 40 mins+

You play as a soon-to-be criminal mastermind... and so does everyone else. There is one crime and everyone is competing to tell the best story about how they did it. Each player needs to weave a story explaining every piece of evidence left at the scene. No two stories can be the same. But watch out, if you mess up and your story stops making sense other players can wager their street cred to call you out on it. You’ll need to convince everyone at the table that you’re making sense to not lose face (and points).

Sounds good? Want to know the details? The long version is in the rules.


Each game contains 50 unique and brag worthy crimes from Stealing the Mona Lisa from the Louvre to Replacing an Avocado Shipment with Giant Grapes. Each session revolves around one crime and trying to convince everyone that you are the mastermind behind it.


Don’t think the evidence left there by the pros will be obvious. Can you explain why an unlit campfire, six bottles of shampoo and a basket of kittens were left at the scene? There are 240 different Evidence card, each one helping you weave your tale on the way to criminal glory!


You can choose to play as one of 10 criminals trying to gain street cred. Each one has unique abilities you can weave into your story… but watch out, they have some catches too.

Street Cred

Nothing is more important than your street cred. Having the best story will win you some cred but you can win and lose it by calling other players out on their stories. Did they say they fried sausages on an unlit campfire? Call it out! But if they had a second campfire in their bag things might get tricky…

In the end whoever has the most street cred wins the game!

About the Team

Bragging Rights is brought to you by Fickle Games, the same team that brought you Rampunctious, the game of terrible puns.

  • Designer: Jen Carey & Basil Lim
  • Art Director: Basil Lim
  • Writing: Jen Carey
  • Additional Art: ninearrow
  • Additional Writing: John Fitzgerald

Jen Carey is a game designer and writer. She’s worked in some form of games for years switching between tabletop and computer games since college. She’s also a founding member of Celtic Cardboard.

Basil Lim is a designer, artist and lecturer. He makes art in a variety of forms, has an encyclopedic knowledge of tabletop games and enjoys introducing them to his students.

Nine Arrow is a freelance artist who helped illustrate the Evidence cards, saving us when our deadlines got too close.

John Fitzgerald is a designer, writer and engineer, who is continuously convinced to help write card content in exchange for beers and chicken wings.